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Karen Rossin

Interior Designer  (West Palm Beach, FL)

Karen, a native of South Florida, is a talented interior designer who brings to the design table fifteen years of design experience. As a sole practitioner, Karen’s design experience includes commercial design projects ranging from theme retail, legal offices, medical facilities and select local and international residential installations. She is currently an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.) Karen recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts in interior design which focused on the biomimicry philosophy and process.
Karen is a life-long nature enthusiast (biophilic) and was attracted to the biomimicry process as a tool to innovate sustainable products. She is intensely interested in nature’s inner workings and how the lens of biomimicry can be applied to solve human problems inside the built environment. As a Biomimicry Specialist, Karen joins this multi-disciplinary BSpecialty team to collaborate and solve problems that potentially change the world one product at a time. Karen is also an avid bird watcher, loves charity work and is an accomplished master swimmer.

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