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News and interesting Case Studies.

Here are some case studies divided in specific areas. Click in each section below to learn more about it. 
These selected case studies show how biomimicry nowadays is impacting the world around us.


“We try to use biomimicry to solve worthy challenges and to help change makers consult nature in every deliberation and decision. We are cultivating a community of biomimics who seek to create conditions conducive to life. Our goal is to help humans fit in and become a welcome species on this beautiful blue-green home.”

Biomimicry 3.8

In the end, biomimicry has the potential to change our world-view as well as our designs. The process of quieting human cleverness, listening, and then echoing what we hear is only the first part of the biomimicry process. The loop is not complete until we learn to say thank you in a meaningful way.The real legacy of biomimicry will be more than products and processes that help us fit in here. It will be gratitude, and from this, an ardent desire to protect the genius that surrounds us.

Janine Benyus, Biomimicry 3.8

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