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"At Biomimicry Design LLC, Nature is our design partner to re-create our world of consumer goods."                     - France Guertin ​

Company Summary

Biomimicry Design, LLC, positions itself as a developer of sustainable product solutions of consumer goods that selectively targets markets that, due to increase environmental regulations or consumer demands, are under pressure to reduce the environmental impacts of their product offering.

Company History

Biomimicry Design LLC, is a start up company with its first product design idea originating while completing the Biomimicry Specialty Program offered by Biomimicry 3.8. Thru their research, the team determined that although throwaway consumer goods and its packaging pose significant environmental impacts that consumption of them was likely to increase rather than decrease. It was therefore a significant problem that needed to be solved and could be solved using natural models. Biomimicry Design LLC was formed with the intent to not only bring their first product design to market but continue to pursue the identified opportunities by creating a collaborative design company.

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