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Keith and Kyle Rossin
Restoring the Mangroves: The Journey of Two Brothers Making an Environmental Impact.

Mangroves Are Essential to our Global Ecosystems.

Mangroves don’t just improve our water quality and provide life for thousands of marine life species, they also stabilize our coast and trap carbon to keep our planet healthy.

Since 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin have grown each mangrove by hand for all of MANGS's Florida planting projects.

MANG is committed to the restoration of our ecosystems and the education of future generations. By partnering with school systems and surrounding communities MANG educate and lead planting events to showcase the effect of mangroves first hand.

As they continue to grow, they’re not only planting mangrove forests throughout Florida, but also planting internationally in an effort to affect positive change in countries and coastlines affected by deforestation and pollution across the globe.

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