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Bor-Kai (Bill) Hsiung

Integrated Bioscience Researcher (Taichung, Taiwan)

Bill (Bor-Kai) was born and grew up in Taiwan. Bill is an academically trained chemist, biomedical scientist and a polymath.  He is passionate in his research for new ideas, knowledge and inspirations.  As the team’s in-house biologist, Bill’s biological training and experience makes him an essential member of the Biomimicry Design, LLC team.

Since the practice of biomimicry as a method of design innovation needs to be built on scientific facts, getting the biology right from the onset of a design challenge is key to the practice of successful biomimicry.  Bill’s expertise in biology will help the team make important connections and links to bridge the gaps between biological research and design challenges/applications to find solutions that solve human problems sustainably.

Bill is passionate about his local community and technology and is an avid TED conference attendee. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, a skill which Bill uses to translate TEDTalks by adding Traditional Chinese subtitles.  TED officially recognizes Bill for his tireless contribution as a Traditional Chinese Language Coordinator, allowing TED programs to reach over 1.3 billion Chinese-speaking people around the world.  With this skill, Bill also helps to enlarge the audience base for Biomimicry Design Projects.

Bill has almost 20 years of experience in practicing Chinese Martial Arts.  Therefore, he has already incorporated philosophies and virtues such as self-discipline and persistence into his way of living.  Bill also teaches Chinese Martial Arts to children and teenagers in his leisure time.

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