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SEACELL is a patented, eco-friendly fiber that has limitless applications in textiles. The fibers are suitable for a broad spectrum of uses in sports and leisure textiles – from underwear and loungewear to soft furnishings. This technology allows us to combine SEACELL fibers with any other fiber, making it universally compatible.

SeaCell™ is a natural, innovative and sustainable cellulose fibre that originates in the sea. Seaweed from controlled organic cultivation provides the natural substance for the fibre, which is produced in a resource-saving way. For this purpose, the seaweed, which comes from Icelandic fjords, is dried and ground to then be integrated into the cellulose fibre. Our garments made of SeaCell™ are characterised by a high level of wearing comfort and convey the feeling of a second, protective skin - a second skin: breathable, temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating.

The use of SEACELL fibers lends other textile materials that soft, silky feel and provides maximum levels of comfort. Making it a groundbreaking fiber insofar as it meets the demands of a new generation who leads an active and health-conscious lifestyle.

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